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Massage for Sun Signs of the Zodiac’s Horoscope

Each of the astrological sun signs have a signature personality type and rule a part of the body’s anatomy and systems. Here are a few lighthearted tips for massage and the sun signs.

Pay special attention to their head, which is often sore from recklessly ramming obstacles in their path. Also concentrate on their shoulders which often take the brunt of their attack. Aries love to have their feet rubbed, not out of necessity, but for the sheer pleasure of it. Massage Aries with “ram”bunctious enthusiasm. These proud, pioneering hip shooters will appreciate a direct approach to massage. Expect them to be very unconcerned about the details of the massage – they will count on you to “handle it, handle it”. Once you have worked out their sore spots, relax their body further with warm, sincere, loving strokes. They’re really very tenderhearted and suckers for softness.


Concentrate on stimulating circulation of the blood and lymphatic systems, which can get sluggish for Bulls who prefer a comfortable, reclined position rather than the discomfort of exercise. Also be sure to massage their neck and throat which will occasionally suffer from a lack of flexibility, leaving stiffness and soreness. Use steady, slow even pressure. Bullies hate to feel rushed. A Taurian’s slogan could well be, “don’t worry: be happy”. By making massage a regular weekly routine, Bulls can look forward to the event with certainty. They love the security of routine.


The Twins’ arms, shoulders, and lungs should be massaged with regularity. Also, massaging Gem’s head will help calm their intellectual 3-ring circus. Generally known for their communication skills, don’t expect a Gemini to talk once they’ve succumb to your skills of relaxing touch. If, for some reason, you do not complete the whole massage, not to worry – they’re not fond of finishing things anyway. In fact, because it’s hard to hold their attention for long, consider mini-massages rather than a marathon.


The digestive system – stomach and intestines – is where you’ll want to focus for Crabs. Next time you find your Cancer dampened by depression, drowning in a melancholy mood, or withdrawn into silence because of some slight, soothe their shell with a loving massage. This sensitive, singular attention will cancel almost any Cancerian crabbiness. You won’t find a Crab hiding under the table if it is a massage table, or avoiding recognition and appreciation. Instead, their delightful lunar laugh may ring in your ears after a gentle, sensitive massage.


Lions can shoulder an amazing amount of responsibility with courage and steadfast loyalty when coming to the aid of the weak and helpless. Their generous, golden hearts can open to care for any of their loyal subjects in distress. Only when these efforts go unappreciated does the Kingly lion’s health usually suffer. This lack of support may lead to pains in their back, spine, heart and shoulders. The affection and attention you give these areas during massage can be a potent tonic to release their tensions. Leos can also be prone to accidents involving their legs and ankles so be sure to know techniques for these areas too. Lions love to have their manes rubbed in royal admiration. Expect your Leo to recuperate with vigor. Watch the fierce roaring beast quickly transform into a playful gentle kitten. They will not only be purring- they may reward this rightfully bestowed homage with the privilege of another audience, granting you the opportunity to massage them again...soon.


Virgins often isolate themselves, focusing so intensely on work obligations that their nerves begin to fray. This nervous energy reaks havoc with their digestive system, and may lead to minor symptoms such as indigestion, upset stomach, and headaches. The methodical virgin will insist on your attention to details during massage. Tidy your techniques. Be precise with all pressure points. Under no circumstances should you skip a leg to do an arm and then jump back again. Keep it organized. After you have worked your magic, and are glowing with satisfaction of having helped your Virgo reach a blissful state of relaxation, don’t be surprised when they suddenly jump off the table, and want to immediately massage you. Virgins fervently abhor feeling indebted to anyone for anything. If you refuse, they will at least help you tidy up, packing up the table any putting away the supplies. Don’t resist. They love to be of service.


Generally, Librarians enjoy good health when their emotions are balanced. The struggle comes from juggling the extremes of all possibilities until a balance is attained. This struggle may cause them to suffer from symptoms of overindulgence. Their kidneys and digestive system may need attention, as well as their adrenals. Pleasure loving Lib will find their perfect balance once you complete the massage from head to toe. But during your work, as you are rubbing their leg muscles, they will notice how sore their arm is. You can drop everything, move to their arm, and they will notice how sore their neck is. Don’t let this rattle you. You can bet that they won’t be able to decide which part of the massage they liked best because they will love it all.


According to astrological belief, the body part ruled by Scorpio is the sex organs. If you know a Scorpio, you probably had already guessed that. The intense Scorpion power generates from their passion for life. This fire sign will need extra massage time on their hips, gluteal muscles, and lower back. Their emotions run deep and strong so be sure to massage their solar plexus chakra. Releasing tension in the emotional center will soothe even the most savage scorpion stinger. During the massage, play music which contains sounds of the sea. This will have a wonderful, calming affect.


Known for their frank and outspoken judgments, the Archer’s remarks can fly like arrows always hitting their mark with unnerving accuracy. Friendly, bright, jovial Sag is the comedian of the Zodiac. They’ll joke about everything including pain, and optimistically see the silver lining around every dark cloud. “Don’t fence me in” is the freedom loving Sagittarian’s battle cry. Working on their hips and thighs will help increase that sense of freedom to move. Also, massage their ruling body part, the liver, using the ‘points on a clock’ technique. Inquisitive Archers love to take a chance. They will be anxious to gamble on how good massage will make them feel. Just don’t let them procrastinate, or put it off until tomorrow.


Goats don’t stop to graze very often. The devoted Goat, answering the constant call of duty, diligently climbs their upward path. With amazing perseverance, they will always attain their goal and reach the top. The rocky climb takes its toll on elbows and knees. Relief given these body parts during massage will be appreciated. Capricorns rigidly adhere to self discipline and hard work. Their body will reflect this rigidity. Though it may be difficult for Cap’s to succumb to relaxation, they will quickly become addicted to massage. Observe them coolly calculating how much easier their climb to the top will be after receiving a massage. Being family oriented, they will love the practice of exchanging massages with family members.


Start the water-bearer’s massage with breathing exercises to help them calm their active mind. Otherwise, they may spend the whole time analyzing your every technique instead of relaxing. Massaging their ankles will be important. Metaphysically, ankles support our mobility and direction. Aquarians’ direction is always toward the future, riding the crest of the New Age. A broad outlook and ‘live and let live’ attitude are part of their emotional makeup. Massage will be especially beneficial to Aquarians who would rather exercise their minds than their bodies. The good news is that massage can be like exercising without having to do anything.


If your task was to massage a fish, you’d need to pay special attention to the fins which propel their motion. Likewise, massage Pisces feet. Being very sensitive, this compassionate sun sign will respond to the mood of the person who is massaging them. Before you begin, ground yourself by imagining that you are a tree with strong roots that descend deep into the earth. This will help you deliver steady, positive energy to your impressionable Pisces. The intuitive Fish will respond to energy work and massage of the chakras. Concentrate on the hara to enhance their vital spark of life energy, the solar plexus to amplify their sense of personal power and self-esteem, and the heart to balance their temperamental emotions. Simply rest your hands on or above these areas until you sense a pulse. As the pulse strengthens, harmony is increased.



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